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Basketball PLR JV

Basketball PLR

Starts Tuesday April 28 at 10am EST

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Affiliate Link: https://warriorplus.com/as/o/lz3nbt

John Marshall with a truly high quality PLR Business in a Box product!

Product:  Basketball PLR

Vendor:  John Marshall

Launch Date:  Wednesday April 29th

Launch Time:  10am EST

Front-End Price:  $17

Commission:  75% on FE, 50% on Upsell

Affiliate Network:  WarriorPlus

Affiliate Link:   https://warriorplus.com/as/o/lz3nbt

Niche:  Basketball

PLR continues to sell very well. I've chosen a wildly popular niche where millions of dollars are spent every year by basketball fans and players who truly love everything about their sport.  I wrote every word of this product myself.

Who am I? A writer who was first published in a professional magazine over 25 years ago and who has had articles published in the press.

Front End product:
  • A top-quality book about basketball - 10 777 words
  • 7 articles about basketball - a total of 3 155 words
  • A set of 6 email autoresponder messages.
  • Product Sales Page
  • Product Download Page
  • Special Free Report to give away
  • Squeeze Page

Here are the details for the articles:
  • Merchandise For College Basketball - 465 words
  • Basketball Shoes for Men - 429 words
  • Urban Basketball - 480 words
  • How To Buy a Basketball Uniform - 439 words
  • Basketball Footwork - 424 words
  • Basketball Shooting 469 words
  • Play Better Basketball Defense - 449 words

Upsell Product:

  • A top-quality advanced book about basketball - 8 019 words
  • 7 articles about basketball - a total of 3 155 words
  • A set of 6 email autoresponder messages.
  • Product Sales Page
  • Product Download Page
  • 20 Basketball Quotes on Images (Also on a separate text file)
  • High Quality Sales Video

Here are the details for the articles:
  • Play It Right in Basketball - 443 Words
  • The Object of the Game in Basketball - 428 Words
  • Better Training for Basketball - 463 Words
  • Using Defense to Recover the Ball - 456 Words
  • The Different Positions in Basketball - 434 Words
  • Be a Better Basketball Player - 442 Words
  • Dunking the Basketball - 454 Words

This is a very comprehensive product which I hope that your list will love. I do hope that you will join with me in promoting it.

Front End

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Business in a Box!


Writing a book is incredibly hard. It can weeks or months of your life. You may never get it finished. Yet, it would be great if you had your own book with your name on it because it would give you something of your own that you could sell.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just buy a book and put your name on it?

Well, now you can!

My friend, John Marshall, has written a book that is over 10 000 words long, and you can buy the rights to it and use it as your own.

Best of all, John isn't just anyone. He was first published in a magazine 30 years ago. His writing is excellent and he has expanded this book into an entire "Done For You Business" that you can have up and running in no time.

And the book is in an incredibly popular basketball niche that has plenty of hungry buyers. Want to go and see what else is included in this amazing offer? Go and take a look now (your link here)

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Be An Overnight Authority


One of the best things about writing your own book is that it gives you "Guru" status in the subject. People will see you as an authority on the subject and look up to you.

That gives you a great deal of marketing advantage.  People listen when a guru makes a recommendation to buy something.

The problem is that writing your own book takes forever.  You could, of course, pay someone to ghostwrite your book for you. That's great if you have hundreds if not thousands of pounds to spare.

But with John Marshall's Basketball PLR offer you can have your name on a 10 000+ word book in the next hour. And at a ridiculously low price.

Want your own business up and running in no time? Please go and check out this fantastic offer now (Your Link Here)

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Subject: Launch Your Own Product Today


One of the biggest barriers to creating your own product is that there is just so much work to do.
Apart from researching and writing your book you then need to market it.  That means a whole lot of more work creating your sales page, download page plus all the graphics that go along with both of those.

Then you need to create articles and other content, like images, in order to gain attention on social media or your blog.

Work, work and yet more work!  You need to have never-ending stamina to get a product made and then marketed.

But it is so much easier with a Done For You Product where you get the book, the sales page, the download page, the articles and everything else you need to launch your product. Pop your name on the product and you can be up and running in no time.

Much faster and easier!

John Marshall has done all of the hard work for you, giving you everything that you need to launch your own product with your name on it.  You should go and take a look at this exceptional offer right now  (Your Link Here)

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Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my very best to help.  Just connect with me and I'll be in touch.

Have a question? Please contact me at  johnmarshalldirect@gmail.com

John Marshall

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